Cementitious Capillary Crystalline Waterproof Material



The injection waterproofing material CN2000 E is a macromolecular polymer
grouting/injection material.

In order to stop water seepage through the concrete structures and cracks, contractor
must determine where the leak is originating from and where to install the injection
ports. Once determined and ports (with nipples) are installed; proceed with properly
cleaning/flushing out crack via acid/water. After the crack is properly prepared and
cleaned, CN2000 E is injected through the same ports. The CN2000 E material will react
to the water and begin to expand inside the crack/structure to create a hydrophobic

How To Use

For mixing, application, disposal, First Aid, warranty and other information, please download the Product Data Sheet.


CN2000®E can be utilized for the following applications:

  • Repair cracks caused due to improper concrete pouring and, vibration, pinhole leaks, rock fissures, and pipe penetration seepage.
  • Fills the gap between pre-embedded components and concrete.
  • Seal joints between concrete dam and metal plates.
  • Reinforces contact zones between concrete and surrounding rock.
  • Blocks localized leaks in underground foundation projects, tunnels, subways, below grade chambers, mines, and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Used as grouting material for prevention of collapse in tunnels prior to

Technical Information

Packaging & Storage
CN2000®E is stored in 20 kg metal pails
When sealed, unbroken and stored within the original package in shade and dry condition within the temperature range 5°C - 40°C. The shelf life of CN2000®E is 6 months.

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