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Project Videos

Sanitary Sewer Tunnel — Before and After

Before and after footage of the damage and subsequent repair to tunnels walls with the CN2000A® insta-plug stopping the leakage and consolidated with the existing substrate to create a strong long-lasting fix.

Valve Chamber (Manhole) — Before and After

Some leaks were coming from the joint of the inflow pipe and other areas where the water table was high, the entire interior of the man-hole was treated with the CN2000 waterproofing system.

Manhole (Utah) — Before and After

A crack around the entire base of a manhole needed to be repaired before the problem got worse.

CN2000E&A® Polymer Cement Composite Grout in action — Before and After

Watch as the mixed CN2000 E&A is injected into an active leak. The liquid (E) material reacts to the water and begins to expand inside the structure to create a hydrophobic barrier. The solid (A) material in the liquid ensures a seal through water plug crystallization.

Active leak in a basement level foundation wall causing a significant problem — Before and After

Active leaks were terminated using the CN2000 A (Insta-plug). Once the new concrete was installed and cured, the CN2000 B/C/D system was applied to the entire area. After a 24 hour cure period the wall was ready for paint.

Swimming pool leaking into a Parking Garage — Before and After

This parking garage had water infiltration issues coming through an overhead concrete drainage pipe juncture which was an obvious nuisance for the car owners parking their expensive vehicles in the area. This before and after video shows how effectively the CN2000 waterproofing system took care of the problem.

Manhole Repair — Before and After

Dealing with an active influx of water in the wall of a manhole. This video shows the CN2000 being injected into the wall and slowly plugging the crack and causing a permanent seal.

Hydro Tunnel Below Dam — Before and After

Kelso Coating was able to stop active leaks in the dam with the CN2000A material, and ensured a watertight seal with the remainder of the CN2000 system. During the preparation of the dam walls and soffit affected by deterioration, many cracks began to leak more than initially and in a couple of instances, Kelso experienced a “gusher”. Water pressure was equivalent to a fire hydrant at these areas. The non-toxic CN2000 system resists extreme freeze/thaw cycles, thus ensuring that the dam will operate safely for many years to come.

Basement Floor Slab — Before and After

In this video you can see groundwater seeping into the basement space. CN2000 waterproofing was used entirely on the negative side of all foundation walls, floors and any other area where there was evidence of water infiltration.

Below Grade Stairwell Leak Repaired — Before and After

Active leak coming in the underground level of the foundation walls was causing water to leak into a stairwell, making it dangerous to use and subjecting it to mould and mildew which could in time make the problems even worse. This before and after will show you the effectiveness of the CN2000 waterproofing system.

Canal Wall (Ottawa) — Before and After

Designed by Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects Inc. At 6-stories high, Kanaal rises from the shore of the Ottawa River’s Buchanan Channel. The CN2000 waterproofing system was needed to shore up the foundation walls to ensure they remained weathertight when the Buchanan Channel was allowed to flow around the building again.

Instructional Videos

The CN2000 Application Process — Before and After

This video will take you through the entire process from start to finish showing how an active leak is processed and the CN2000 Waterproofing system is applied.

How to apply

This instructional video shows the various products in the CN2000 family of Concrete Waterproofing tools. Learn how each product works and how they get applied.

Concrete Waterproofing System

This instructional video shows how the CN2000 Concrete Waterproofing System works and continues to work even after the waterproofing job has been completed.