Metro Toronto Condo Corporation

Water corrosion in elevator pit


Metro Toronto Condo Corporation


Toronto, Ontario

Project Type

Concrete repair & Waterproofing

Metro Toronto Condo Corporation

Water corrosion in elevator pit


The Metro Toronto Condo Corporation (MTCC) and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) were concerned that water in the elevator pit would corrode the components of the elevator car such as the car buffer, guide rails, cables and pullies, which becomes an issue of public safety.

The challenges facing us were:

  • Cold joint where the concrete slab and walls meet showed visible signs of water infiltration.
  • Many flanges, mechanical hydraulics and rails secured to the concrete slab of the elevator pit.


There was minimal downtime, the elevator pit no longer leaks and TSSA re-visited the site and signed off on the leak and safety issue resolution.

Process & Highlights

  • Kelso Coating’s certified applicators u-grooved along the cold joint approximately – 1” in depth in order to pack the CN2000B® material into the groove.
  • The surface was prepared by removing the paints, debris and any other contaminants which were visible on the area in need of repair.
  • Two coats of CN2000B® were applied on the exterior walls and floor slab of the elevator pit.
  • After the application of CN2000B®, a single coat of CN2000C® and CN2000D® were applied to maintain the hydration required for the CN2000B® to cure according to specifications.
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