Sheridan Villa

Long Term Care Center


Region of Peel


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Project Type

Repairing & Waterproofing

Sheridan Villa

Long Term Care Center


Sheridan Villa is one of five long-term care centers operated by the Region of Peel. There are 500 full-time residents and many Adult Day Service participants rely on the services and programs provided by the facility. Leaks in the basement, storage room, change rooms and social rooms at the Villa became on ongoing issue, so the Region of Peel looked to Kelso Coatings for a long-term solution. Some of the areas where there was evidence of water infiltration were in areas which were challenging to excavate or too costly.


Kelso worked with one of our trained and certified companies, SureSeal. The Principle of SureSeal arranged to have all the hoarding up to control the dust including an air scrubber in order to allow the Villa to continue their daily activities with the seniors, with minimal interruption. The CN 2000 crystalline waterproofing system was applied on foundation walls in various areas throughout the facility. In order to accommodate the Villa, we scheduled the work to be performed around their schedule. Our CN 2000A materials terminated all active leaks and was protected with our CN2000B crystalline materials. Our CN2000C/D material was applied on top of the CN2000B after the CN2000B was initially set. The CN2000C/D will keep the CN 2000B hydrated for the curing process, which saves the client and contractor a significant amount of time.

Process & Highlights

  • CN2000 waterproofing is non toxic and is odourless. Therefore the residence in this facility were not affected during the application process and continued on with their daily routine.
  • All dust control, mobilizing project and application was performed by SureSeal.

Products Used

  • Due to the fact that Kelso was specified by Urbis Engineering to coat all interior foundation walls using the CN2000 crystalline waterproofing system, all walls were sand blasted and prepared according to technical specifications.
  • This included two coats of CN2000B crystalline on entire structure and protected with the CN2000 C&D polymer modified cementitious coating. Areas where there were active leaks, were all treated with CN2000A insta plug, to stop all water infiltration.
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